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Hi! I’m Lewis Chan.

  • Where am I from? Hong Kong.
  • What are my hobbies? Drawing, gaming, designing, etc.
  • What is my favourite colour? Yellow.
  • Cats or dogs? Cats. All the way. Dogs are cute, but I just have a thing for cats.
  • Why am I from Hong Kong? I was born there.
  • What is your age? Secrets.
  • Favourite video game? Cities: Skylines.
  • Favourite food? Fish. Definitely fish. I’m eating fish while I’m editing this post.
  • YouTube subscribers? So little subscribers…Go support me!
  • Do you like Hong Kong? Yes. Apart from pollution and annoying people.
  • Favourite subject at school? English (or Science). Even though I’m Chinese.
  • Why did you make this website? I have no idea.
  • Why do you like drawing and designing? Fun.
  • Your favourite country? UK. More specifically, England.
  • Why do you like the UK? It’s nice there. Mate.

If there is anymore questions, feel free to ask me about it. Although I will probably reply to you late, since I don’t look at emails that often. You can use social media though. Hope you understand.