My Work

My Work

  • Here is the work that I have created. Hope you enjoy them! My secret project that I have worked on for ages: The Republic of Victoria! Now you may be wondering, what in the world is this? Well, I’ve been secretly designing a fictional country, and over these 5-10 years, it has grown a lot! I made a map for the cities and country, and apparently there is a website where you can create a fictional country and then share it with other people who also made their own countries. Here is a link to my country:

Now unfortunately, the name Republic of Victoria has been taken by someone, so I had to improvise and the name changed to Republic of Victoria City. Now when I say Republic of Victoria City, it is only the name for that website I told you about. In my own mind, it will ALWAYS be Republic of Victoria. On that website, I wrote a lot of things describing the cities. I also made a map! Go check it out! You can also make your own country. If you enter the same region as me, you can endorse me!

  • My second secret project involving Republic of Victoria, more specifically, Victoria Harbour city! It is a company in the city named Amber Tech or AT. Now what does it make you ask me? Electronics! Smartphones! Stuff! Yay! Now there isn’t a website or a game that you can 100% make smartphones with, so I will have to tell you. So the backstory is that once apon a time in about 2005, there was a company named Victoria Harbour Electronics, or VHE. Now it made phones and stuff. One day they went bankrupt. Amber Tech, which was a newcomer at that time, saw this and bought out the company. They then kept on making phones and became the number one electronic company in Victoria Harbour! And now, they made lots of sub-brands…Lots…

BTW in nearby Lodo city which is owned by my dad (I know, weird. Also did I tell you that I’m the president of the country?), he made another company named Lodo (or Lodophone or something like that, I forgot) to try and compete with my company. Well, currently we are good friends and have good relations and help each other so the compete with each other thing didn’t really work out. Oh well… (What I am about to tell you has nothing to do with any of this, but right now as I’m writing this, I have to go somewhere so yeah, see you later, hehe)

  • Alright, time for the interesting stuff. The stuff we can download. This is a mod I recently made for a game called Academia: School Simulator. It is to translate the game to Chinese, more specifically Traditional Chinese, the one we use here in Hong Kong. It is currently in version 1.0, which means it is officially released, but it will still be updated. Hope you enjoy!

Steam Workshop link:

  • Now this one you can’t download yet (or maybe you can, I kind of forgot, I haven’t updated this mod for ages), but in the future you probably can. It is a map for a game called OMSI 2. In that game you can drive buses in different maps that people created. So I created a fictional town named Amber Town. Later on, I decided to make a version 2.0, basically Amber Town 2.0, but until now, I haven’t updated it or edited it for ages. So yeah, sorry!


  •  Alright, this mod I made literally a few weeks ago, it is for an awesome game named Cities: Skylines. Now, this mod adds a map of Panau from a different game, Just Cause 2, into this city building game. Unfortunately the size of this map in Cities: Skylines is smaller than the map in the actual Just Cause 2 game. For example, the Cities: Skylines map area is about 500km^2, and the map of Just Cause 2 is about 1024km^2. So it is quiet hard to fit 1024 kilometres into half the size. Also I am planning to make another map from the sequel, Just Cause 3, and the newly-announced-but-not-yet-released Just Cause 4. Phew! Anyways, hope you enjoy! 11-10-2019 Update: Its out! The JC4 map is out! Well okay, it was out like…half a year ago and stuff but I forgot to update this website because…anyways. Stuff has got better. Check it out!

Steam Workshop link:

  • 28-10-2019: Alright, I made an app. Well, I’m making one. And also I made one before, but whatever. That’s not the point. As you can see, I’m pretty attached to the Victoria Harbour stuff, and one of the things I made was a metro system and a map for it. Once again, I made it before but this is a current, updated version. Here is a link for it (Some maps I didn’t include since they weren’t really up to date and stuff). Also if you noticed (if you even can see it), I updated the Victoria mainland map, the one on the top of the website. I might have a link for that in the future, if I haven’t done that already. Yay!

Metro map link (go support the website): – –

And that’s it for now! Stay tuned as there will be more in the future! (Also buy the games I just mentioned, they are AMAZING!)